Mar 23, 2016

Seoul Winter Trip 2016 - Part 1

Assalamualaikum everyone!

It has been more than a year since my last update, Masha-Allah time flies so fast.

I'm not really sure what to write first YaAllah so much happened for the past year and I am pretty sure one post wont fit everything.

So I better start with most recent update about me.

I just cameback from SEOUL SOUTH KOREA (lemmeee hear you scream peopleee)

....oh btw Nomi this one update is sincerely dedicated to you **wink**

Me and my Seoulmates planned for this since October 2015 and we bought ticket in hurry because we're so eager to see CNBLUE and was dreaming to boarding with them. Our winter trip was initially revolves around #chasingoppa but as it gets nearer and we start to list and properly plan for our itinerary things seems to get clearer and all the plan slowly shifted from #chasingoppa to #exploringseoul. and oppa no longer our priority and everything started to be like a realistic vacation.

Please note that this is my first oversea trip using my own money and I am over the cloud 9 because i have always promise myself that I will go for a vacation someday and make sure I reward myself after all my hardworks and the time finally comes after a year of working my arse off. hehehe. so lets start digging my memory since day 1.

10 March 2016

 We took 1 am flight to Incheon and arrived around 8.45am in Incheon. I slept most of the time after had Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser because I am super tired traveling to KL from Taiping that evening.

 Our Guest House (GH) is located at Singeumho. So from Incheon, we took AREX and changed our line to go to Singeumho.

Oh! forgot to tell you that it was freezing cold the time we reached Seoul, I'm sure it is -ve deg that time. Menggigl kau maklumlah Taiping tak de Salji. LOL. But thank you Allah our GH is very near to the Singeumho Station and we quickly check in and passed out/solat for 2hours before heading out and start our vacation by going to Ewha Womans Universities. The view is breath taking, lawa gilaaaa bangunan cantik. sobs. kalau study situ dekan every sem okay. HAHAHA

Later that night, we're just taking our sweet time strolling around Hongdae area and have a taste of Kebab and it was delicious (or maybe we are just simply starving) HAHAHAHAH

11 March 2016

I'm pretty sure we're all so tired we woke up around 11am and start to get ready to start our day tho its kinda late. HAHA

We start our second day by going to Lotte World Mall sbb nak pergi Hard Rock Seoul. Mayrah punya Abg wanted a HR shirt. hewhewhew. It was quick, but we managed to place our wishing card dkt tgh2 mall. I dont know why but Korean is so obsessed with keylock/padlock/card wishing. You basically can find this kind of things in most places especially at the tourist attraction venue. It was sweet tho reading others wishes. *cough* since i can read hangul *cough* just a little but still can pass *wink*

Next stop is Common Ground which located near Konkuk Uni. CG is actually a pop up shopping complex or a hipster place made from Container. However, We met zero Malaysian here maybe because its none of the typical places to visit in Seoul for Makcik2. sesuai utk org muda hipster dating minum kopi.HAHA.

It was a cool place, got many spot for picture worthy. We spend hours here wandering around.

We had dinner after that at the famous YongSeo tteokbokki in Sindang. We lost on our first try and have to ask en police nearby. HAHAHAH.

And I think we went to Myeondong later after dinner for some street shopping and trust me, we had so much fun playing with the asap yg keluar dr mulut that time. HAHAHAH jakun much wey kitorg.

12 March 2016

As usual, we still woke up around 10am and get ready, have our decent breakfast and solat jamak zohor and asar before leaving GH around 1.45pm.

First place for day 3 is actually......(okay have to check my ig sbb makcik makan semut so much senang lupa.orz)\

Okay dah ingat, we first headed to Ttukseom Resort, Hangang ( Han River). Sebenarnya kitorg nak pergi on Day 2 tapi sesat. rupanya kitorg salah turun station. Turun Station Ttukseom padahal we have to turun at TTukseom Resort. Longgar lutut jalan nak cari Han River tgh bandar. pfft. Well, okay la sesat in Seoul, sesat kat Kedah too mainstream. LOL

Kat sini kitorang main Basikal and amik angin and amik gambar. The view SubhanaAllah cantik, just like what they potray in the k-drama. A must place to visit.

After that, we went to Itaewon, to attend an underground gig/concert by a band called Royal Pirates. I  am not a fan and havent clicked to their song but my friends were their huge fan so i give it a try and it was awesome. I mean, i have always have a soft spot for rock band playing live on stage. Tho I just stand still there try to adapt to their music while everyone around me jumping like mad wild party people. HAHAH. So first concert oversea, checked :) There were quite many things happened and i'll write more about it on my next entry of which only God knows when.

Because we are so hungry after the concert, we went to Itaewon and try to have dinner at the famous Eid Resto, unfortunately its already closed. Sobs. Nasib baik ada satu Korean Resto named Makan Restaurant sudi menjamu kitorang. HAHAH. All their Korean dish is sooo sedappppp i almost licked my plate. HAHAHAH. Highly recommended :')

After that, kitorang pergi Masjid Itaewon and amik gambar, tapi sbb kaki i terkehel so mood cam takde and i tak amik gambar depan masjid. Lagipun its already 9pm lebih and dah gelap. Gambar pun tak cantik dah,gelap. But we still enjoyed the view.

Cumanya, Itaewon is tmpat yg berbukit, Have your heart, mind and feet ready. Sbb sumpah penat gila jalan. And it wasnt too Islamic as many potrayed. Still have people having beer across the street and sort. Sobs.

13 March 2016

Its already Day 4 in Seoul. We first head to Big Hit Entertainment. A managing company for k-idol group BTS. Shira is a huge fan of them so we decided to give em a visit. Its a small company, unlike those big ent like FNC, SM, JYP ,YG and etc. We met few Korean fangirl & had a small chit chat. tapi so funny because we mixed Hangul and Eng. HAHAH. Still can meh.

Done with Big Hit, we went for a coffee/cafe strolling around that area, Garosugil. It has this kind of urban and hipters kinda feel. With cute cafe and pretty building and everything is so soothing. No noise from the road nor the typical city sound like in KL. and again no Malaysian spotted and its a privilege not to bump into fellow Malaysian so can acah tourist exploring another side of Seoul.

Here come the best part of my trip!
We had this insider (hye Kak Mujie) telling us that CNBLUE will arrived at Incheon at 6pm from China, so tak tgu bnyak, we head to Incheon Airport. Note that this is my first experience chasing oppa in airport. AND the best part is i get to walk side by side with Jungshin and Minhyuk, and have Jonghyun walked pass me. *I'm still smiling ear to ear everytime i teringat this one**

After all the mixed feeling and chaos in the airport, i almost langgar baby while trying to keep up with Jungshin youre damn tall baby. I love you. HAHAHAH

We went to Dongdaemun, nak makan ikan bakar, tapi kedai tutup. Ended up makan kimbap with stew and rice. Kimbap so sedap. Nak menangis everytime makan makanan sedap. sobs.

14 March 2016

Day 5 and dah acah master the Subway. HAHAHAH. Head to Namsan Tower. The view is so cantik, But nothing much to do up there except to take photo and letak padlock there which we didnt do sbb bnyak sgt padlock already. HAHAHA

Day 5 I tak ingat sgt ke mana, HAHAHAHA. Tapi im pretty sure we went to other places as well. HAHAHA. maafkan sister yg pelupa ni. :')

We had dinner at the Yanggood. The famous Halal BBQ Resto. So sedappp. HAHAHAH. Sila lah dtg and makan a lot k. We are a bit petty lol. tapi still makan puas. Merasa la jugak. Walaupun harga dia boleh tahan for each set. Sobs.

15 March 2016

Day 6 and we woke up early for the first time sbb nak pergi Nami Island. MUEHEHEH. and tido dlm subway all the way pergi. The journey took almost 1hr or more so mmg tido la yea. And its still cold during that time, we wear extra clothes okay.

Nami mmg sgt cantik, patutla semua org pergi. The view is so film kinda feeling, tapi tak best sebab ramai tourist. So nak amik gambar mcm have to wait for our turn so people wont fit into our pic. HAHAHA. Kat sini rombongan cik kiah from Malaysia mmg penuh. Siap mintak amikkan gambar and everything. And semua org igt kitorg cikgu sbb travel time cuti sekolah. heh.

Nami still have few piles of snow tapi dah kotor sbb org pijak yet still I get to touch snow for the first time in my life. And we had the famous Nasi Goncang (Dosirak) and Kimchi Pajeon. The pajeon doesnt suit our taste buds much, so i recommend you guys to choose seafood pajeon instead. Its a bit pricey than kimchi pajeon lah tapi. :[

Malam tu kitorang pi Myeondong again, these kids bought a lot of cosmetic thingy which is not my thing. Sbb i rarely wear make up what more all the creams and everything. Sbb tu muka i nan hado agaknya. Sobs. Tapi dtg Myeondong wajib beli brg kpop, shopping cosmetics and try their street food, sila makan yg halal je eh, jgn kau bedal segala. Tanya dulu Ahjumma tu, 'Ahjumaa, kogi isseoyo? - Makcik, ade daging tak dlm ni" and they usually will tell you which and which contain meat and sort.

Masa ni sbb dah twice pergi Myeondong, berlagak gila everytime selisih fellow tourist acah kitorg kakak kawasan. HAHAHA. And we had Kimbap roll with Radish Kimchi and Stir fried Squid. Sumpah pedas, even for me yg boleh handle pedas. Berair jugak mata hamba.

16 March 2016

Kejap je rasa dah Day 7. Seminggu kot hirup udara yang sama dengan oppa. Sebab today consider our last day nak main kitorang punya jadual boleh tahan padat. HAHAHHA

Pagi2 Shira bangun awal sebab dia nak g Big Hit lasgi sekali sensorg. Dia paling gigih. Muehehhe. And the three of us decided to go to Ssamjiegil, Insadong. Kalau tak silap la dekat Insadong. Semut le ni bnyak dlm perut. Lansung cepat lupa. sobs.

This place also have very few Malaysian tourist and we tried Ddong Bbang - Roti Tahi. HAHAH sedap weyh. Not lying. Roti bentuk tahi inti red bean. Dap. Makan dengan Hot Choc. *lap ailio*

Lupa plak, Ssamjiegil ni another tempat yg artistic and promote small business of artsy. Comel2 je barang jual. And tmpat ni pun full of youngsters. Comel je. surrounding area pun bnyak jual souvenir yg murah2. Yg bercirikan Korean la. Lukisan, Hiasan Dinding, Perabot and sort. I bought bookmarks which is so cute, tapi menyesal sbb beli sikit. sobs.

Then, tunggu Shira dtg situ, kitorg gerak pergi KTO jalan kaki. Otw tu we walked pass by Gyeongbukyong Palace. So kebetulan entrance free that day, tapi kitorg tak explore habis sbb cam malas and we all so tired. Tapi we tangkap bnyak gila gambar. HAHAHAH. of course la kan.

After that, kenkonon nak pi KTO sbb Kak Zu nak solat, tapi yg sedihnya, it was under construction so sedih terus. hahahahah. Terpaksa la solat kat gallery bawah tu, rasa macam menceroboh pun ada. LOL.

Lepas Maghrib, strolling dekat stream yg cantik and bidding goodbye to Seoul's night life.We're literally at the heart of Seoul so everything seems too pretty and we fall again for Seouls' beauty.
Masa ni we all tak cakap bnyk sbb penat and we just walk side by side and be grateful sbb have the chance to be in that place. We find our moment of serenity there.

Then, we went to Gangnam, sebab nak visit the Kroad yg ada toy figure of famous k-idol. HEHE.
Took photo with Gangnamdoll CNBLUE of course. masa tu dah late at night, kitorg mmg nak all out, so pergi la JYP ent. kenkonon nak tgok GOT7. ciss nanhadooo lama kakak tunggu kau adiks. After less than 2hours, kitorang gerak ke FNC ent.

Dekat FNC almost 11pm, so tak bnyak sgt fans, still ada few. Kitorg pun mula macam questioned ourself what the hell that we are doing there, sbb mcm takde artist masa tu. Tapi masa tgh2 emo tu, suddenly ada van putih dtg. Siapa minat Kdrama mesti boleh agak what kind of van i'm talking about. HAHAHA

Then Yoon Manager keluar (Yoon is our beloved manager to CNBLUE) masa tu jantung dah berdengup kencang. Then my eyes tertangkap satu figure yg familiar. IT WAS JUNG YONGHWA of CNBLUE.

He is not my bias, in fact he is my least fav in CNBLUE tapi still JUNG YONGHWA. It was a brief few second but i can clearly see his face, no make up, no fancy cloth, just a black hoodie with ice americano in his hand. And i just starred at his face. less than 30secs.

 And at that exact moment  i told myself,

Dear self,
You've never been this lucky in your life, You achieved so much throughout this trip baby!
*pat myself and cried a bit*

We leave all the good memories in CDD around 12.30 am. and naik taxi for the first time. With a big smile on my face of course. :')

17 March 2016

The very last day in Seoul, I woke up earlier than the rest because i havent packed my things yet. we have to check out at 11am and go straight to airport to catch our flight at 4.25pm.

Its still cold outside. And we leave our GH at 11.30am.
Had our last coffee sesion at the cafe close to our GH. Apasal sayu entah.

Arrived at airport around 1.30pm.
Checked in, and ready to depart.

----------------------END OF MY #TeamkakilekangtakesSeoul------------------------------------------

So jyeah, that is what i did for my 8D7N in Seoul. I had so much fun with the girls. I thanked them for keeping up with each other throughout the trip and making this one my personal fav.

I'm going to post another entry later with pics of places i've been. and some tips of do and donts, as well as sharing bit of my budget and everything.

I hope you enjoyed my writing as much as i enjoyed recalling my sweet memories in Seoul.
See you in my next post soon .

Much Love,
Sistur Kaki Lekang Lutut Longgar Takes Seoul.


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    1. Pergi 4 org je. sepatutnya 5 org tapi sorang ada unwell, not suggested to fly during that period. Tapi jumpa kawan baru di sana. HEHEHE.
      Nanti hampa pi la jugak :) Seronok!


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