Sep 21, 2014



its been way wayy to long already.
ive been in my so called hiatus state. its not like im not having a blast with my life. its just too much happening simultaneously that i couldn't find proper time to write everything.

this blog has became my secret diary for so long already. i even wrote my ill-fated love story here once. and im going to write again when i finally found someone who are worth every words im writing.

well, ive turned 24th on last september 17th. Being 24 yo is a blessing in disguise for me as im getting older and still not have my better half besides me. but to looked back, i had so many more great things to be proud off.

i have lots of friends who i treasured so much that not even 1000 words could describe it.  i keep my circle big. i made lots of new memories with each and everyone i loved. and that for most is the best gift i could have on my 24th.

and on my 24th, i think i had a good path already. i already have a good work. an accounts officer to start with. and i am very proud with myself. tho some of my friends already became an exec but who care?. im taking babysteps here so that when im strong enough, im going to run faster than everyone else.

to add, im also a big big fan of cnblue and im sure everyone aware of that. and im so very happy i got to watch them live last august. and im using my fckng own money for that. achievement unlocked! and i already made plan to watch more of their live show in future.

the thing is, i never been so happy in my entire life as much as i am now. i dont know why but to be exact i feel like i had no regrets. ive been doing things i love with everyone i loved. everything seems to be so perfect atm. but i admit that i tend to feel lonely and i get jealous seeing my friends got married to their partners. i hope Allah sends my better half fast.

i had so many many things i like to do in future travelling is one of my ultimate goals. it doesnt really matter where fate gonna brings me but i would like to enjoy my life like that. im not going to save so freaking much money and be stingy bout enjoying my youth. i wanna be a free soul. Im a Muslim lady and i want to be fully known as a strong Muslim lady.

for now, im very grateful for what Allah had planned for me. im a blessed lady. and i want to be like this onward. its the kind of life i wanna be living until Allah call me to meet Him.

For now, ill be treasuring everything with all my heart. and everything that happened is just a blessing in disguise. no one to blame. im a realist.

till later.
im in love with my life.

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