Jan 15, 2014

4th anni ♥

Dear Diary,

Today is Cnblue's 4th anniversary. since yesterday i've been waiting for their updates. and thank god they did gives hell of cute relay vids as well as tweeting something .

Dear diary,

forgive me for being overly attached to this band. i'm just so into their music that i cant even stand any single bad accusation (which not many up till today) said to them. i feel like i need to protect them and go kill those anti-fan (which also as far as i know only one group, centralized in Thailand ?dont make me kill them using thousands of grenades).

For me (and boices) this band is a fxkng awesome band that worth every single sweat and cents. they put their hell of everything into their music that you can definitely know that it was genuine. yes i am a bit exaggerate when i talk about them. everyone said so. and i also have this thought of taking korean class just so i can understand them better. HAHAHAHAH.

Dear diary,

Today, i also knew that hapesh also listen to them, making me realized that i did choose the best band, because cnblue still a kpop for some people who never listen to them tho they are act a band. a rock band. hahahah. but when hapesh listened to them , my namja friend i couldnt be any happier. sebab lelaki pun minat depa so halleluyahhhh to that!

so dear CNBLUE ( tho i already tweeted to you guys)

keep making good music, break a leg on your 2014 Blue moon (mexico, peru, usa will be thrilled to meet you guys as much as when you do that awesome BMMY last year). show to the world that you are the best. cant wait for your new album and comeback with darn good songs on Feb. me and worldwide boices will always be cheering for you guys.

/i'm gonna cry anytime soon/

okay over. goodnight diary!

2010 - 2014 and counting. 

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