Sep 13, 2013


Its really late now to think that i have to wake up early for work tomorrow.
Tapi masalahnya kalau dah start on lappy lepas pukul 8 dok streaming pasai CNBLUE mmg serita dia tidoq lambat jugak lah, hihihi.

Just wanted to share this actually.

this actually drawn by a fan tapi scene ni memang jadi dekat Guangzhou,China last few days. CNBLUE held their world concert there and fan celebrated Jungshin's birthday in advance. 

Yang mendukung is Minhyuk,
Yang di dukung is Jungshin (birthday boy)
Yang tgh makan is Jonghyun 
and yang duk sengih is Yonghwa .

Search on youtube if u dont believe me punks. HIHIHI

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