Nov 11, 2011

' bulu kaki

 first of all
the tittle is soo not have any type of relation with my entry
saja ja taip camtuh ,
tak tau nak buat tajuk apa ,

btw , wanna know what my dream are ?
i seriously wannabe the type of girl who will catch every eye ,
i wish i was thinner , taller , prettier ,
not to say that i wasn't be grateful for what i have now ,
but arghh , you know girls ,
never satisfied on anything .
please count on me on that statement , HAHHA

just so u know
i oftenly spent most of my time in front of mirror just to find what should i wear .
but ended up not to wear anything fancy .
maybe i'm just not that type of girl

ya , who know me will know how i behave .
 i always speaks loud even when there's a big sign of 'quit please'
hahaha , like i care , aku artis , hahah
i cursed even more , mak babi , anak babi , nenek babi , semua keluar
maaf mak mak mentua .
saya takde quality jadi calon mennatu sopan .

but seriously i have a disease , a major disease that couldn't be cure
i'm a type of girl who constantly make stupid mistake under pressure .
i cant think clearly upon a very stressful circumstances
i keep dragging myself into problems that couldn't be fixed .
till now , i have bunch of unsolved problems , HAHA
cliche much !

i wish i was calmer type of person ,
i wish my brain can function well even though my heart beats like crazy .

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