Feb 8, 2011


nothing seems to be neither right nor perfect anymore .
i might lost in my own life , for now !

just hope tomorrow brings better hope and light .
i can't even tell , am i to harsh towards people , friends ?
cause sometimes , i just need a wake up call .

i used not to care about my heart but think more bout others !
but maybe , the way i 'think' , jauh menyimpang !

just wanted everything to be clear !
if anyone of u , friend , can't stand upon my jokes .
just say it straight to my face !
i wont mind !

at least i know ,
i've hurt someone , and i'll do everything to make it right again .

but do remember . i have feelings to .
i do feel the way u felt !

end ;


  1. Wawa, tak semua org perfect.. U is who you are.. Jgn sedih2 na?

  2. hurm , it easier to say rather than be in my shoe :) but still thanks akak . i really wish u were here !


maki hamun di sini !