Aug 3, 2012


Salam and hye everyone .
its been a very long time since my last update. How's life holding you guys ? 
Hope everything is fine and we still manage to perform our fasting . HIHI 

okay , today is the day of my final exam results which is Alhamdullilah , good for me . Not a DL , but still 3 pointer and above. couldn't disclose it here because i'm embarrassed . hihi okay gatai sangat ni !

Alhamdulliah and Congratulation to the DL student ,

* Umi Salmah 
*Aida Ashiqin 
* Shamsul Idham
* and to whom else that i did not know but a DL student ...

We did our best, and we get as what we're worked for. 
Have a blessed Ramadhan Everyone . :D


maki hamun di sini !