May 17, 2012

it was yesterday that i love

it was yesterday that was full of fun
, full of memories , full of exaggeration , and  full of blast i must say !

what yesterday i'm referring to ? its yesterday , 16th of may 2012 , the day i will always treasure for the rest of my life . its my convocation day you punks !

okay siapa eksaited nak tengok gambar i convo ? hhahhaha . i dah lah terpaksa pakai baju yang terbawak secara tak sengaja sbab ibu i cakap i can't wear the one that i bought at Kelantan because it was wayy too big for my 'small' body . ceh .

oh , despite of hafta wore the baju that i wear to classes , tapi i still so happy and thrilled for the whole day , i got to hugs my lovelies , got to see the faces i missed the most , gotta to smell the Arau's bau and gotta travel across the roads without jammed like in KB for sure . oh gosh , i loved everything about Arau !

okay nah . i served you people with my photos of zee convo day !


  1. gonna miss u guys!

    Happy Convocation's Day :)
    congrats yaw!!

  2. untung gilerrr boleh masuk konvo with wadges. :D
    me harus pakai covered heels.puihhh =.=

  3. ya ka sygs ? seriouslyy ? siannya . hahah . ! meh la masuk uitm !


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