Feb 18, 2011

secret :)

fellas , lemme tell ya something .
there is few rules that is required in order to keep us survive in our life .

i never know whether this is damn true , or fucking lie .
but still , at some point , i do rely on this !

  • don't dare to dream , if you're totally sure , it will never happened . u might ended up hurting yourself !
  • don't start to trust anyone yet , until you start to trust yourself first .
  • don't ever fall for someone , when you by yourself know , that the person u fall for , is wayyyyy out of your reach . for god sake , please trust this ! compulsory !
  • don't ever *repeat ever , let someone else take control of yourself even the one that you love so much . 
  • don't always pray for everyone to always be by your side . because at some point , you'll find yourself stranded out of nowhere , ALONE ! 
  • lastly . learn to love yourself before let someone else be a part of you . 
simply , that is all the secret that i wanted to tell badly !
even my life wasn't so perfect , but still , it is not so suckks after all :)


with love 

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