Oct 26, 2010

melalut !

the untold tale ! !

tgah melayan lagu just a dream by nelly !

ayat dia sedap , if u ever love somebody put your hand up !
but issuenyer adalah ,

when we fall for someone soo  badly ,
how many of us brave enough to shout loud ,
"yesss , i do love her / him "

i bet , we may have few jer yg brave mcm tu
kan ? ?  in fact , i pon one of the coward side member lol ! !

hahahah , biasalah , once u had bad experience about love , u wont dare to face it again ,
mcm anim ckap , mindset bebeh ! !

tak payah pelik , experience was a very cruel teacher ,
he might teach you how to crawl back , after fall , or
to pick the best roses in the garden or
even how to flirt in the most best ways  , right ?

but seriously ,
experience also thought you how to protect yourself from pain ,
how to save your heart from broken into pieces ,
and how to walk by your own without relying on something ! !

many said , we should learn from mistake ,
but when it comes to love , we keep repeating those same mistake ! !

shall we blame mr. experience for such an uncomplete  lesson ? ?
or it is ourself that never learned from our mistake ? ?

hey u guys , truly ,
why we always keep ourselves experience the same pain all the time ?
or it is us who too stubborn not to think before fall for someone again n again ? ?
hahahah , life cycle maybe , to love and be loved but ended up , alone ! !

hhahhhahha , rilek lol ,
for those yg experience bnde2 neyh ,
dont worry ,

i've gone through this link posted by someone on fb ,
with tittle , : kenapa kita di temukan dgn org yg salah ? ?

n there were few answers , which are :

  • supaya kita belajar , menyempurnakan diri untuk org yg sempurna pada kita 
  • supaya kita sedar  and betulkan mana yg kurg 
  • supaya kita lebih berhati- hati in future 
  • supaya kita sering beringat , tak ade yang sempurna melainkan Tuhan 
  • supaya kita selalu tahu , kita tak sempurna tanpa cinta Tuhan 
  • and yg paling penting , supaya kita percaya , jodoh , rezeki , maut and everyhthing was controlled by Him , n kita kena selalu reda !

( i've changed it lil bit )

thats why lah , jgn pening sgt bila kita slu repeat mistake ker aper ker , sbb kdg2 bagus juga macam tu , 
kita lagi kenal ,siapa kita , n realize how strong we actually are ! ! 

hahhha , okay pham tak semua ?

dah lah , nak berenti pergi baca law , esok final paper tersebut , 
wish me lots of luck coz i really need it  ! !



  1. pandainya cik hawa izzati!
    proud lah!

  2. hahahah , alah , biase2 ajer !!
    dear , i <3 u , hahahah !


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