Apr 13, 2010



..latEly i'vE beEn tHinkIng sOo mUch bOut one tHinG..
..iTs nOt a bIg dEal pOn acTuallY bUt iTs kEep sPinnIng in mY hEad..
..makIng mE sIck wOnderIng bOut It..
..acT it wAsnt bOut mE oR bOut U oR bOut anYbOdy..
..bUt maybE too iT wAs bOut mE, or bout U or bOut anYbOdy..
..oH..dAmN fUckiNg sHit!!..

..i jUst wanTEd sOmtHing dat can makE dIs "matTEr" gOne fRom mY head..
..sWEar ITs kIllIn sOftlY...
..i jUz kEep tHinkIng wHeathEr iTs rEally bOut mE oR bOut my pasT..
..can I jUz gEt mY lIfe Back??...
..da One dat i uSed to haVe bEfoRe..
.bEfoRe yOu camE and dEstrOy evErytHing...
..uNtil I gOt nOthing tO rEly On...

..tah napEr larH oLl dOs mEmories sUddEnly rEplay..
..eVen it alMost a yEar sInce You gOne..
..sHiit...i dO mIss U..badLy..!!
..bUt gUess wAt..mIssing U wasNt a plEasure dIer..
..iT jUz brInging eVen mOre pAin..
..n i rEally hatE dat part...

..its reallY harD tO kEep rEwIniNg oN oUr mEmOrIes..
..itS sWeet bUt fUll oF nEvEr endIng pAin..
..sWear tO gOd..
..i nVer wanT yOu tO camE bacK..
..iT juz damn harD tO erAse U..!!

..da wOrsT part oF aLl dIs was..
..u sTill sOmwHere iN my hEart..
..n bEcauSe of You..i rEallY canT mOve On..
..thE pain wAs too hEavY..
..tOo much tO bE replacEd!!..

..anD i hatE u fOr makIng me turn iNto dIs...!!

..tAdi aku jUmpEr fCbOOk kO..
..bABi..Sumpah akU rIndu Ko..!!!
..and thanks tO You..i sWear i nVer fall In lUf agAin unTil U wEre fUllY oUt oF my head..!!



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