Apr 28, 2010


..kEnape tIme saYe menanges ta penah ade yg pEluk..
..naper tiMe saye seDeyh ta penah adEr yG tanyer,hOney r U okIe...
..nAper tIme saye marAh ta De pOn yG ask me tO caLm??
..napEr tIme sayE down ta dEr sapEr kat sEbelah cKap..yUnk,iTs lIfe..
...napEr time saYe reAlly nEed sOmbOdy, nO onEs nEar mE..
..naper tIme sayE betoI2 arap ade Yg phAm, soWank pOn tAk....

..nOw i noE..iTs liFE hOney...
..U cAnt exPect evErYone tO undErstand u,alwAys be tHere 4 u,wIpe all Ur tEars..
..yEah..lIfe sOmetimes cRuel tO yOu..
..bUt hOw fAr u rUn..iTs sTill a pArt from U..
..lEarn tO deAl wIft It..
..lEarn to bE alOne..
..lEarn tO stAnD On yOuR own fEet..
..lEarn tO crAwl bAck if u fAll..
..lIfe wasnt bOut hOping otHErs to bE wIft U..
..bUt its all abOut, dEaling wIft it..ALONE!!

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