Apr 5, 2010

...iM hUrt...8'(

..i dono y..
..thIs fEw wEeks,
i gOt a hEart like A crYstAl...
..eAsy tO bReak..
..in fAct,cOs vEry tIny n nOnsense thIngs pOn
mY heart eaSily brEak intO tinY piecEs...

i dOono y..
sUmpah tAtAw...
i nVer bEen like dIs bEfoRe...
..aM i cHangIng??

..lEt mE gEt iT strAight,
i tInks aLl of dis sUddEn chAnge mAy be cAusEd bY
sOo mUch manY enOurmOus stRess dAt i hAvE tO faCe evEryday...
..sUmpah pEnat...
..dEalIng wIf pEopLe prObs..
..thInkIng bOut othErs..
..managIng mY own sTudEnt liFe..
..N makE iT wOrsE,
i fOrgOt To think bOut myseLf n lEt othErs
trEAt me fOr grAnteD....

wAt makE me eVen hUrt wAs,
wen i thOught dAt i havE sOmeOne dat
i cAn rEly oN whEneVer i nEed a sHouldEr tO cRy,
..a fRiEnd tO lauGh..
..aNd a sIblIngs to sHare mY stOry...

wHile acTually..i dOesnt have anYonE


..anYonE dAt alwAys stand bY my sIde...
..bE a pLace fOr me to seTtlE dOwn..
..bE a bEd whEre i can lIe fOr a whILe...
..aNd bE aN air thAt help mE tO catcH my bReath bAck...

..i rEally tHought U weRe dIffErenT dIer...

..i alWays tOld eVeryonE dat u weRe mY bEst bUddY,
..mY cOolest cLique..n a pErsOn whO undErstand mE da mOst...

bUt gUess wAt..
i wAs wrOng...
tOtaLLy wrOng..
caUse u WErE jUst dA saMe...
..iM exIst as wEll as UR prOb..
..N faDE as aLl thOse prOb gOne...


p/s:bUt nOe wat mY bIggESt miStakE wAs hOnEy??
i lEt u In into mY heArt..
alloWing u tO crEatE da sWeEteSt mEmorIes..
& forGOt tO saVe a tinY spacE tO not bEliEving In u...


  1. sorry wawa!!! WAN is so curious!!!

  2. uMI:trUly..
    a lIttLe dIssapoIntEd wIf U..
    bUt tapEr larh..
    dak tOh mG ta gUne sKet....8(


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