Mar 19, 2010

..iDop tak iNdah tYme bUlan mEnGambanG..!!

..iT was likE a nIGhtmarE..

hating the pErson u loVe da moSt..damn cam sIal asErnYer..

bUt wat tO was dA wiSe move i tHink..


am i bEing too sElfish oR wat..bUt sincErEly...i hAve tOo...

iT was fUcking tirIng bEing cLose to yOu..pEnat seNsangat2...

thEre wEre sOo much tHIng to bE thouGht,sOo much hEart tO carE

tOo mucH mOuth to be watcHed aftEr and badLy,it was mY heart dat i can't tRust at aLL

...u Were hIstory...fUllsToP..!!

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