Aug 13, 2009

eloW peoplE..amErnyer ta mnjEngok blOg shyAng akuw neYh..
skunk Da ta byak msEr cm Dluw aGy na berfoya-Foya..erMMhh.

liFe has becamE eVen hArder 4 mE Since a dIs feW moNth..
huhuHu.. its dFFcult to sEE peOple ArouNd us hAd finD thEir trUe loVE..(tRUe loVe ar sgtt....heHehe)
wAteva laRh..buT yng Pntg dOwnK da JmpEr sOmoNE yang Shyang dOwnk, And dOwnk poWn shyaNg oWg tOwh gaK..buUt what bRings hApiEsst mOment Must be WhEn cHaie had foUnd heR mR. rIgHT..hahaaHA..
i thInk it Ones oF da BesH loV stOwy dAt i EvEr heArd..sWeet but Not toO romanTIc of CoS..
hahhahAA..for Chaie i reaLLy wish mAy all dA happInesss be wiF u fOrevEr..sHyangb U saGT !!

eNoUgh bOut cHaie..lEts go On boUt nEw topIcs..
latelY cases boUt h1n1(wHich i calLed Pig Flu..hehehE) had turn very fact THeres also a death happEning in uItM jOhoR,,huhu..tHanK god CoS in Perlis I thiNk it Doesnt Turn dat Bad..ouhh..talks bout dat, saLLy,my BeloveD cllAsmaTe also had beEn infeCted but nOt wif Pig Flu..(simPang MalAikt 44..) bUt wIf some kind of nEw vIruseS too WHich thEy Called ILI( influenza likE illnEss)..but i thinks shes GettinG bttEr but sTill weAring that cUte maSk..lanGkah BerjagE-jaGE loRh..

cOz pIg Flu's nie gaK ar aDer ruMors dat saying we mAy need To takE a MOnth Of leaVE in OrdeR to sTOp the sPreAtinG of dat viRuse..hAhaHA..aT fIrst, eVeryonE da TerlOncat-loncat Epy..bUt bLer pk2 blEK knEw extEnd anOthEr one Sem sumEr mukEr da cAm na NgeS..hahhaahAA,.
yEa Ar, If daT haPPen, iTs meAns thEres still a long Way befOrE geTtIng oUr diP..huHuhU..cmtoWh, na FUrthEr dgree aGY,,na CRy krja agy,, da tu bleR laK na KweN...hahhaaa..
bYak bToi aKUw fikIr kan..
padAhal Jdoh pOwn tak Der aGY..hahaha..
per Ar..sOmetymes life witout lOv eAse us but faR in EveryonE hEart.. weAre lonEly..eRmmhh ComEs aNd appEAr sooN....hEhehe..hOpe2 mR.Right yG aKUw tguW2 da On Da Way..

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